Review Blue Velvet 1986

Name of film: Blue Velvet 1986

Director: David Lynch

Genre: Drama

David Keith Lynch is an American filmmaker, painter, actor and photographer. He directed a number of films that are great films including Blue Velvet 1986 this film was widely regarded by critics to be among the greatest film of their respective decades. David Lynch was born in a middle class family in Missoula Montana he spent his childhood traveling around the united states before he studied painting at the Pennsylvanian Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

However, the film Blue Velvet is a story that takes place in a small town in America about a young man who believes that he is called to be an investigator. One day while coming back from checking his father from the hospital he picked up an ear he then takes it to the police station. He then started his own investigation and that is where the story uncovers the secrets hidden in the small town.

Looking at the Canonisation of this film starting with beauty the film was all in all overwhelming it transformed reality into this beautiful world the use of lighting and the colors that are used gave away it’s beauty. Looking at the films strangeness the way that the film starts as a viewer you can pick up it’s strangeness because you are shown that there is something going on in this small town and I think the filmmaker did a good job because he made it clear from the beginning. the film was unpredictable and almost felt unfamiliar because of the protagonist and the way that he behaves. The unity of form and subject matter I would say that there is unity in this film form follows friction this was made through dramatic acting and plot.

Watching this film for me was nice because it was unpredictable the plot changed from the main character finding someones ear to him finding himself in the hands of the person who is very mentally sick. I just loved how events turned out in the film and how the actors played their roles. I would rate this film 6 out of 10 and I would recommend people that enjoy to be surprised while watching a film because this is a film that surprises the viewer.


Film Review Black God White Devil

Name of Film: Black God White Devil 1964

Director: Glaub Rocha

Genre: Political Drama

Glauber Rocha was a film director, actor and screenwriter from Brazil. He was considered to be one of the most cinema Novo influential. His films Black God White Devil and Entranced Earth are considered to be the greatest achievements in Brazilian cinematic history. Glaub Rocha loved politics and he also had his own political party in Brazil. This is why his films include political issues, looking at his film Black God White Devil

The film is about a couple fleeing from poverty and law enforcement they explored two ways of feeding their physical and spiritual hunger. The main character in the film is trying to fit in with the other people but his always rejected, he can not escape from his situation of poverty. I found it hard to follow this films story line the reason could be the fact the it’s long and things happen that have so much symbolism that you need to be living in that time that this film was made.

Personally I didn’t like the casting there were some scenes that I think that they should have done better. but at the same time the actors did a good job by expressing their emotions and inner thoughts. Looking  at the sound design it also played a roll in setting a mood. I would rate this film 4 out of 10 because it’s too long and I found it hard to follow the story line. But in terms of the theme I think it covers issues that will leave any viewer with many questions about poverty and how can you escape it and that is education truly a way to escape poverty so I think we can learn a lot from this film and I would require that people watch is film because there is so much symbolism in this film that we can unpack and learn something from it.

Review come and see 1985

Name of film: Come and see

Director: Elem Klimov

Genre: War Drama

Elen Klimov directed a number of films but the film Come and See 1985 is a master pace. Elem Klimov was born into a Russian family and he was personally affected by the war and in this film he takes us into a mind that is affected by war. When I watched this film I felt like I was there with the characters experiencing what they are going through. Elem Klimov used a number of techniques to tell the story but one technique I have to talk about is the use of Sound Design in this film.

However, the film starts  with a old man looking away from the camera in a field and he seems to be telling some to not dig. Then we see two young man digging for something it turns out that they were looking for a gun. So that the young man can be able to join the war. The boy is later on taken away from his family to war and this is how we learn  the effects of war on the people that are directly affected. Well the story is about a young boy who goes into war taken from his family and later on his family was killed.

As I mentioned that the film director used sound design to tell us more about the main character. The sound takes the viewers into Florya’s mind we hear what Florya thinks he hears. Buy also looking at the cinematography it also plays a big role in communicating this, as a viewer you also feel like you are in that situation that the character is in. The camera flows through the scenes which makes the viewer feel like they are in that world and when there is an explosion the camera’s movements change to being unstable.

I personally think that this film is a master pace, there is whole lot more about this film that I didn’t mention. Which is why I would prefer that every one must watch this film to get your own view and experience to the effects of war. I rate the film 9 out of 10.


Wild Strawberries Review

Wild Strawberries review
Name: Wild Strawberries
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Genre: Drama

Ingmar Bergman directed more than 60 films, he is known to have full control over his medium. Ingmar Bergman is also known to bringing art film styles to a wider audience, with film techniques grounded in stylistic movements as well as innovative devices used to communicate his existential themes. However, the film Wild Strawberries is a film about an old doctor looking back at his passed life. The doctor is going to receive his doctorate. He decides to take the long way and takes his daughter in law who has been disagreeing with her husband about her being pregnant. On the way to receive his doctrine more characters are introduced to us and we learn more about his passed.
The film starts with an old man sitting in his office writing a letter, we are shown pictures of him and his dead wife. He takes a sip of wine until an old looking woman opens the door he calls her the housekeeper. The old man walks out of the office and calls the dog that has been in the room with to follow him then the film fades to black. The film fades in and the old man is sleeping then a jump cut to him walking in town on a side walk and he is a lone. He turns around and looking up at a street watch and it is not working his takes out his pocket watch and it’s also not working. The old man takes off his hat and moves closer to get a batter look at the street watch and it’s still not working he can’t tell what time it is. The old man seems to be lost and doesn’t know where he is going or whats going on since he can’t tell what time it is. The old man sees himself dead in a coffin and wakes up.
For me the themes of this film are death,alienation,religion,marriage and family. Death because through out the film the main character is having dreams where he finds himself dead. Alienation because the main character seems to be lonely it could be due to the fact that he spent most of his life studying to get his doctrine and also the fact that his wife dead, the way that the cinematography shows us this is that he is almost always looking at people interacting from a frame like a window or a door that for me shows that he is alienated. I guess we can learn something about this film, to do things that you truly for you to look back at every memory and enjoy it. Because the main character seemed to have not enjoyed his memories and it feels like that is not the kind of memories he wanted or the life he wanted.
Personally I like the film because the director really managed to clearly communicate his vision to the viewers using the four film techniques. Mainly how he used the sound design to tell us that now we are going into a dream world. How the editing also told the viewers a different between the real world and the dream world. But what I like about this film is how as a viewer sometimes you have to ask yourself if he is in the dream or the real world. I would say this film is a very good and it has a very strong message and you can tell that it’s a Ingmar Bergman’s film as he has full control over the out comes of the film you can see that just by looking at the casting. Because I very liked the casting they made it easy for me to connect with the characters, I would rate this film 8 out 10 and I would like more people to watch it because there is a lot that one can pick up from this film.


Good morning Review (1959)

Name of film: Good Morning

Director: Yasujiro Ozu

Genre: Drama

The Director of this film Yasujiro Ozu his films are the same and he knows about  this he says that even if his films appear the same way he is always trying to express something new and a new interest in each film he makes, he says he is like a painter that keeps on painting the same rose again and again. The film was made in 1959 in Japan and it  highlights issues of change of culture from generation to generation. As the society is moving into a new way of living there are issues that comes with that change. In the film every character’s life affects other characters around because the film takes place in a small community where everyone know about everyone’s business.

The film starts with a few opening shorts of the location that seem to be a small community. We see three kids looking like they are coming from school, walking on a road and saying. They stop and start paying a game of farting the film goes on to show us the characters lives.

The Themes of this film for me is inequality, change in life lifestyle, family, society  and childhood. I would say that the film does teach the viewer something because the whole film is about issues that I personally can relate to like the two boys stopping to speak because they wanted their parents to buy them a tv. How the parents deal with the issue at the first time and how the two boys reacted we could learn something from that. For me the message would be that what you go through as an individual can affect those around you, the boys not speaking put them into trouble, they need a lot of wrong things like stilling food and being disrespectful to their parents.

When coming to the camera work of the film is that the camera is always placed on a low angle but only when it is inside of the houses. The framing of his shots are like his filming through a frame meaning there is a whole lot of depth in every shot the lighting of this film stays consistent with a slow fall and everything in the background seems to be in the light so his style is flat lighting.

Coming to conclusion I say that is film is great looking at the casting because the actors seemed like they knew where to position themselves in the frame. I also like that fact that you can keep up what the director is trying to say, the message is clearly communicated. So personally I enjoyed watching the film but I would not watch it again because I feel like it takes to long to develop and getting to the point. I rate the film 5 out of 10, so if you enjoy films that you can relate to in terms of issues of life like family, society, change and inequality this is the film for you.


Reviewing Un Chien Andelou 1929

Un Chien  Andelou

Director: Luis Bunuel


The film un chien andelou was published in 1929 by a director named Luis Bunuel. The filmmaker has a lot of issues about other people telling him how to live his life, he has been fighting with that issue ever since. Throughout his childhood he was forced to go to church and he did not like that. He always wanted to break away from the ideologies that the church enforced on him. However the film is about a man who is going through a  hard time with his inner feelings or desires but there are forces trying to stop him all the  time. The film takes place in a small apartment and there is were we learn about our main character. In my opinion the film does a very good job in showing the view everything about the characters consider the fact that the viewers only get information through the actions of the actors not by what they say because there is no dialogue.


The film fades in with a man shaving his shaving knife and looks out the window from his apartment. He cuts a woman’s eye with the shaving knife, a shot of the moon and clouds moving in the same direction that the man is cutting the woman’s eye. A man dressed like a woman riding a bike and falls on the side walk the woman in the apartment above sees the man and goes to help him. The man is has a box with him and in the box there is a peace of clothing.  The woman places items on her bed in her apartment together with the item she found from the man in the box and sits down looking a the bed.


Personally I did not like the film because it’s made in 1929 but looking at the bigger picture the film is good in terms of the casting and how the filmmaker uses the four techniques of film like editing, for me that made me watch the whole film and also the jump cuts showing us the main characters dreams and reality the interchange between the two worlds his dream state and his reality. The Film shows us that we must live life for ourselves and  that we must break away from living in a box full of ideological systems that the society has enforced on us.

In my opinion the film does a good job telling the viewer the massage considering the fact that it was mad in 1929. If you like looking for meaning in films and making your own meaning from what you see this is a film for you because everything every short in this film has a meaning. I would rate this film 5 out of 10.


Watched a horror movie

downloadI watched a horror movie called Drag me to hell one thing I learned from this activity is that horror movies require a lot of art work. The other thing is that the sound is what makes people jump of their sits more then what they see. This I can apply to my creative work by making sure that the sound in my up coming films is good and up to the standard.